We are happy to announce that our Creative Facilitator, Susannah Gilchrist, has received her certificate in Sociodrama and Action Methods.

Susannah has been studying with MPV/SAM since she started at The Athena Programme and is thrilled to have achieved her certificate, which is accredited by the British Psychodrama Association (BPA).

Susannah said:

“This certificate has been a joy to achieve.  I love attending the SAM workshops and have learned so much about sociodrama and action methods and about myself as a creative facilitator, by attending the workshops and doing the written coursework.

“I am so grateful to my personal tutor, Di Adderley.  She has been an inspiration to me in so many ways.  I would also like to thank Ron Wiener for his help and support, and Valerie Monti-Holland for being a true role model.”

The SAM programme consists of a series of weekend workshops, from September to July. They can be taken as stand-alone one-off experiences or, with more consistent attendance, can lead to a certificate or diploma qualification, accredited by the British Psychodrama Association (BPA).

The programme is particularly relevant to people who facilitate groups, as it focuses on enlivening and enlightening group issues and processes through experiential methods. Participants come from the fields of: organisational consulting and training; health & social care; teaching and higher education; therapy and counselling; voluntary and community sectors. Students/trainees moving into these fields are welcome.

MPV/SAM is an accredited training school of the British Psychodrama Association.  For further information on Sociodrama and Action Methods, visit:



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