We know that early intervention and prevention have a key role to play in safeguarding – to reduce the incidence of abuse and emotional and physical neglect, family breakdown and social exclusion – and to support children and young people to achieve their potential. There is a very clear emphasis from central government on the systematic use of early intervention and prevention services both to improve families’ resilience and to secure long-term savings in public expenditure.

This strong theme is seen across policy areas in Graham Allen MP’s review of early intervention, the Munro review of child protection: ‘A child-centred system’, the public health reforms, and the SEN green paper and the schools white paper, as  it makes good sense for families and communities –  and for public finance.  However, we know that not all early intervention and prevention works, and getting it right is one of the most significant challenges that local authorities and partner agencies face.

This conference will explore the latest evidence about effective intervention and prevention in the early years, and for adolescents.  It will draw together learning about proven programmes and innovation in practice, looking at effective targeting and outreach work and at building resilience in families and children.  It features keynote sessions by two of the leading experts in this field, with panel discussions and workshops making the link between evidence and practice.

It may not be as simple as ‘getting it right first time’, but the outcome of this conference will be to enable investment of time and public money in the right support at the right time to really improve outcomes for children and young people .

This conference is a must for practitioners, senior and middle managers and policy makers from local authorities and agencies in all sectors working with families and children … from parents pre-birth to adolescents.

Sarah Goodall Facilitating Workshop 2

‘Safeguarding: Early Intervention with Care & Creativity’

An interactive workshop session will explore the crucial issue of early intervention in safeguarding children and young people.  Sarah will be facilitating a process for participants to reflect and connect with the true meaning of early intervention as evidenced based practice to increased positive outcomes for children and young people. Through the use of creativity and innovative techniques she will bring the experience of the journeys for practitioners and children/families of early intervention and child protection as two sides of the same coin to safeguarding practice. Her workshop will focus on taking a new and fresh approach to safeguarding in the wake of Eileen Munro’s review of Child Protection.

Other key note speakers include:

  • Professor Jane Barlow – Professor of Public Health in the Early Years at the University of Warwick
  • Professor Stephen Scott – Consultant Child Psychiatrist at the Maudsley Hospital
  • Minna Daum – over 20 years experience as a Systemic Psychotherapist
  • Dez Holmes – Director of Research in Practice
  • Tony Newman – was Principal Research Officer with Barnardos since 1990
  • Professor David Shemmings – Professor of Social Work at the University of Kent

To find out more information about the conference please go to www.baspcan.org.uk/events-national.php

To book your place on the conference on the 9th September 2011 please go to www.baspcan.org.uk/booking.php?event=10