Technology has found its way into health services across the UK and worldwide in the format of mobile phones, visual aids,  web based services and much more. The way services are being delivered mean people can remain in their own home whilst receiving treatment, no need for long distance travel, reducing time and quickening responses between patients and clinicians.

My thoughts are there is rapid growth in this area but I still see little adaption of such innovative services using technology within the social care sectors. Technology can open up communication and flow of information for protection and reducing significant harm:

  • Most of the population use technology everyday such as the television, mobile phone, internet.
  • How can we start to think of using technology in protection of the young and old?
  • What and why is that we shy away from using the tools we use in our every day lives within protection services\?

I am fascinated at the growth of telecare, e-health, tele medicine and I would welcome your views or  examples of work of how these may have made your practice more effective or not? I would also like to hear about your experiences the advantages the disadvantages from both a health care professional or a personal perspective.

Enthusiastic on how the health care and social acre sectors could start to mirror the use of technology in improving the quality of life and protecting children, young people and vulnerable adults  from harm.