I was recently asked to take part in a series of “Aspire” lectures at Bury Grammar School for Girls to talk to the next generation of female decision makers.

It was a hugely successful session and I felt that it was the perfect start to what promises to be a real opportunity to showcase up-and-coming talent in our local schools.

Mine was just one of a series of “Aspire” presentations and talks organised this year, designed to raise girls’ aspirations as well as to enrich their educational experiences. They are all aimed at reaching beyond ideas and concepts set in the curriculum in order to open their minds to possible future careers and areas of study.

‘Aspire’ wanted to hear from women who have juggled successful careers alongside family life from a range of professions and academia and at each talk students have the opportunity to talk to the hosting speakers and experts. I personally fielded lots of insightful questions about my work, travel and about being a mother and a woman in business.

I would really encourage anyone who fits the bill to take part and share their experiences.  It doesn’t take long – just a lunch hour – but It is a fantastic project and the girls were genuinely interested in hearing about all aspects of working life.

Mrs Anderson, Headmistress commented the Aspire Girls thoroughly enjoyed the third of our ‘Aspire’ lectures this week, with an inspirational presentation from Sarah, who talked about her phenomenal career success, her guiding principles as a woman in the work place and her zest and zeal for life. Her enthusiasm and positivity were certainly infectious!