An event raising awareness for Ovarian Cancer will be led by Target Ovarian Cancer ambassador and Manchester-based Sarah Carlick.

Sarah is also chair of the Tic Tock Committee (TTC) set up by her late mother Ros who died from the disease in 2013.

The campaign is targeting the Jewish community who may be carrying the defected BRACA1 or BRACA2 gene. It is reported that one in 40 people of Ashkenazi Jewish heritage are at risk of the disease.

The event, to be held on Wednesday May 25 at the community centre (8pm), is in partnership with Leeds Jewish Welfare Board.

Sarah, a BRACA1 carrier who has received preventative surgery in December 2015, hopes the evening will provide an opportunity to discover more about gene testing and a chance to discuss the risks of developing cancer if people have the defected gene, as well as the options available if they test positive.

The faulty gene can be found in men and women and passed down to their children.

There will also be a chance to hear personal experiences from members of the community, health specialists and professionals.

Sarah feels that many Jewish women, particularly those in their early 40s, do not know enough about ovarian cancer. “There is no screening or testing for it. You can however have genetic testing to see if you are a BRACA1 or BRACA2 carrier,” she explains.

“An important issue is that GPs are educated and acquainted with the symptoms, particularly as they are difficult to recognise, chiefly in the early stages, as they are often the same as other less serious conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome or pre-menstrual syndrome.”

The main symptoms that women diagnosed with ovarian cancer experience are increased abdominal size and persistent bloating, as well as persistent pelvic and abdominal pain, difficulty eating, feeling full quickly or feeling nauseous.

Sarah, who is mum to six-year-old daughter Ella, set up TTC with her mum’s friends in order to help raise funds for research and awareness about the disease.

For more information on the event contact Sarah on 0776 1762498