In light of the current extraordinary circumstances we are finding ourselves in, more and more people are working at home than usual. However, this does not mean learning has to stop.  You may actually find that you are more able to free up staff for training during the current reduced day to day business activity.

Did you know, here at Athena we already offer remote delivery of all our safeguarding courses?

This style of training has been well received by many delegates who love the personal intimacy of remote delivery and today, more than ever, it is easier to come together electronically online

These are our top 10 reasons why you should invest in remote style delivery for your safeguarding training:

    1. Safeguarding training is still on the agenda through these turbulent times
    2. It offers a flexible style of delivery rather than face to face but is more interactive than mundane e-learning
    3. Our remote training is still delivered by one of our highly experienced trainers
    4. It allows participants to visually connect and put safeguarding, at the heart of everything they do, into practice.
    5. All the training materials are disseminated to the participants beforehand, as well as screen sharing the presentation during the training session
    6. Colleagues can still collaborate to work through creative training materials, such as case scenarios
    7. There are a variety of options of learning outcomes for each course, along with engaging training materials
    8. Provides a confidential training environment
    9. Helps delegates to focus, getting the maximum engagement out of the training session
    10. Lower costs with no added extras for expenses and travel

We still have loo and brew breaks throughout the training session so everyone can feel comfortable: being comfortable is part of learning whilst in an enjoyable and safe space.

See a case study on remote style delivery training here

For further information please feel free to contact us:

Dr Sarah Carlick
Tel: 07927 549499