Who could predict in our lifetime we would all be experiencing the implications and affects of a global pandemic? Working at home can offer your organisation many opportunities, especially for updating and reviewing your safeguarding policies and procedures. Perhaps you have had to adapt to digital working, undertake assessments and support remotely, undertake home visits under exceptional circumstances or simply been inundated with safeguarding concerns. Please consider the following, now…

  • Whilst people are working from home and there is the mental and physical space away from the office, it is a good time to reflect on the organisation’s processes and systems.
  • You may need an interim ‘holding’ statement or a change to your procedures based on the current situation, for example, digital safeguarding; responding to safeguarding over the phone; how staff and volunteers respond to safeguarding via video calling.
  • Regularly reviewing policies and procedures keeps the organisation up to date with regulations, technology, and industry best practices.
  • Policies and procedures are living documents that should grow and adapt with your organisation and changes in practice.
  • Outdated policies can leave organisation at risk. Old policies may fail to comply with new laws and regulations. They may not address new systems or working remotely, digital safeguarding practices or technology.
  • Policy reviews ensures that your policies are compliant with legislation and best practice, and are consistent and effective.
  • With all the pressing daily tasks, the urgency to move to home working, it’s easy for policy reviewing to fall to the bottom of the to do list.
  • An up to date policy is essential for funding bids.

Times have changed and policies will need to adapt with these changes. A good, robust policy and procedure protects you, your staff and your organisation’s reputation. If you feel you would like to discuss a policy review or update, please contact us.